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About our Ignition
We are a professional firm providing audit tax and advisory services in Japan. We have more than 200000 professionals in 154 countries and offers value-added services to address the management issues of our clients all over the world.
As part of the broader team we enable organizations to achieve business-wide digital transformation.
Our Ignition Tokyo will be the centerpiece of our firm’s digital strategy merging our professional insights in audit tax and advisory with the knowledge of our digital experts and the latest digital technology. It will support the digitalization of our own services as well as the digital transformation of our clients and will be a center for developing the solutions necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive global landscape.

If you are interested to work in a fast paced continually changing team and have a background in digital technologies and approaches this is the position for you.

Job Description
As a software developer you will work in a dynamic and evolving environment following our strategic direction.
You will develop maintain and improve systems to meet particular needs often as advised by systems architect.
You will also be involved in cloud operations cloud automation testing test automation and bug fixing.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Analyzing user requirements of the software system.
• Writing testing and improving code.
• Automating cloud related operations and cloud management operations.
• Continually updating technical knowledge and skills.




Required Experiences/Skills
• Experience of 3+ years in developing cutting edge technical solutions.
• In-depth knowledge and work experience in back-end and front-end development.
• In-depth knowledge and work experience in automating Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services.
• In-depth knowledge and work experience in configuring Windows and Linux (RHEL and Debian) systems.
• Being able to translate architecture designs into well structured tested and documented source code.
• Good working knowledge of data structures algorithms and database technologies.
• Good command in scripting languages - PowerShell Bash and Python3 is a must.
• Familiarity with other programming languages is a strong plus such as Java Scala Clojure C++ C# Go Swift Haskell
Erlang etc.
• Experience working with teams with Agile/Lean approaches.

Language Skills
• Business or higher level of English communication skills.
• Japanese communication skills helpful but not necessary.

The Ideal Candidate Will
• Be passionate about discovering and applying new technologies ideas and unique solutions to complex and
transformational business problems.
• Be creative yet disciplined in their approach and constantly engaged in learning new things to support the transformation
• Have a high level of discipline and a structured approach for documenting and managing own work
(and teams work for managerial positions.)
• Be a self-motivator and possess the communication skills and character to constantly engage with a fast-paced
always changing team.
Position: Junior DevOps Engineer









会社名 KPMGコンサルティング株式会社
  • コンサルティング・シンクタンク


ヘッドハンター名 株式会社インフォエックス
設立 2004年 6月
代表者 代表取締役社長 朝雄 弘士
従業員数 10人~30人未満
本社所在地 〒113-0033



厚生労働大臣許可番号 13-ユ-302660
特色・得意分野など エグゼクティブ、幹部、外資コンサルタントを得意としております。